Tree Felling & Dismantle

Safety is the number one priority during tree work. This is especially crucial when cutting down and removing trees.


Asking a tree surgeon to check your larger trees is a good idea as large trees can become unsafe if they are not looked after and cared for regularly.


If a large tree has disease, storm damage or has not grown safely they can become dangerous for both people and properties. This is where hiring our tree surgeon services are needed.


Our team will safely and professionally cut down and remove unwanted, unsafe and dead trees.

Where there is room to safely fell a tree LC Tree Care can use our resident Unimog to assist in the safe felling where typical equipment could not handle larger trees. See our video of an Oak Tree fell to see our Unimog in action.

Alternatively, when there are houses, walls etc. nearby LC Tree Care will use specialist techniques to dismantle a tree rather than a straight fell. See in the video below for a safe dismantle technique used by our tree surgeons to protect the property's boundary wall.