Tree Reductions & Tree Pruning


Are you looking for a Tree Surgeon in North London and Hertfordshire to carry out tree pruning or tree reductions in your commercial or garden setting? LC Tree Care can accommodate your needs.

By carrying out regular care and tree maintenance you will leave them happy and healthy. Tree pruning or tree reductions, which means to reduce the overall size of the canopy, supports the health of the tree. In a natural woodland environment, trees will grow straight and lose lower branches because of competition for light. Trees that grow surrounded by full sun light can grow in an irregular fashion, with multiple stems weakening the tree.

At LC Tree Care, we are professional Tree Surgeons in Hertfordshire and North London and by using accredited and proven techniques we will help regulate the size and shape of your trees to improve their health and aesthetic qualities. Making tree pruning a vital part of your garden maintenance is important and will help to create beautiful looking gardens for all to enjoy.